4 ways boxing can benefit your mental health

Boxing has become the fashion world’s favorite workout, with models swearing by working out and burning fat to stay fit and toned. But boxing doesn’t just increase muscle range and fitness; It can also help balance the mind. Acting top British trainer Tanya Morgan, from elite gym Sweat by BXR, says it can help you gain mental strength and combat a range of health issues, including emotional ones and worry. Here, the expert explains why:

1. You can turn off the outside world and be present in the moment
“Boxing requires you to be completely focused on the task at hand. To box well, you need to be able to detach from the outside world and focus 100%. Boxing is fast, furious and most of all fun, leaving little room in your head for anything else. Being able to avoid everyday stressors can help you really take your time, giving you a fresh perspective on how to better deal with the problems or things that are bothering you. ”

2. It’s a great stress reliever and stimulates the production of endorphins
“Physical activity is a known stress reliever; Runners experience the ‘high runner’ phenomenon, and boxing is no different. When you exercise on a punch bag, your brain increases the production of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that create comfortable thoughts. Punching helps relieve muscle tension when you experience stress. As you keep punching, you’ll see your focus improve, increase your ability to focus, and help you forget the reasons you’re stressed out.”

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3. When boxing, you are never alone, make it a great motivation
“Motivating yourself to exercise alone can be difficult. With no one else to rely on, it’s much easier to get in on a fitness session, and if you’re successful, training slowly often seems like a much better option than pushing yourself to the limit. Maximum levels. One of the best things about boxing is that it almost always involves more than one person. Whether you’re working out together, doing pairing work with pads, or even just holding someone’s feet while they sit up, you’ll be training with others on a regular basis. Teamwork is a great motivator and it has also been shown to provide a means of social support and reduce feelings of loneliness. At Sweat by BXR, we offer a range of group boxing skills sessions, as well as cardiovascular conditioning classes and sessions aimed at building strength and endurance to compliment boxing training. your brother. ”

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4. It can help you learn a lot about yourself
“Boxing is a great way to get to know yourself. You will begin to recognize and understand more about how your brain works and reacts as you develop your unique boxing style. Boxing training is a lot more strategic than throwing a few random punches. From hooks and jabs to uppercuts, boxing is made up of infinite combinations that, when combined in sequence, resemble a choreographed dance. Being able to do these combinations with good technique and precision takes a lot of focus, practice and persistence, but once you get the hang of it, boxing is a skill that can help. everything from your balance to your reflexes. “

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