5 Simple ways to use your TV to increase the life of your TV

Most of us, rarely care about the life of the TV compared to the refrigerator and few know how to increase the life of the TV during use. So let me share with you 5 ways to use your TV to increase its inherent lifespan.

5 Simple ways to use your TV to increase the life of your TV

Choose a reasonable TV placement

Proper placement of the TV is very important as it is an electronic device that tends to generate heat during operation. Heat will be radiated to the outside through the slots of the cooling system from inside the TV. Therefore, you should:

Choose a cool and dry location: Avoid making the heat hot when escaping, meeting a humid environment will create conditions for mold and bacteria to grow, affecting the operating capacity of the TV.

Place about 10cm from the wall: With this distance, the heat released from the TV will have enough space to circulate into the air, helping to reduce the temperature that the TV radiates.

Do not leave the TV near the refrigerator: The habit of opening the refrigerator often will cause cold air to escape to the outside. If the TV is placed near the refrigerator, these cold vapors will stick to the TV for a long time, causing mold, damage to the electronic circuits inside, affecting the life of the product.

Adjust the brightness and contrast accordingly

Adjusting the appropriate brightness and contrast on the screen is also one of the ways to help prolong the life of the TV.

If you adjust the brightness and contrast to high, the TV will operate with a large capacity and consume more power. This causes the device to generate a lot of heat and affects the electronic circuits inside.

Therefore, you should adjust the contrast and brightness at a relative level, in accordance with the needs of watching TV. Specifically, today’s televisions are pre-set with many levels of brightness and contrast such as Standard, Vivid, Sports, etc. You just need to choose the model that suits your viewing needs.

Moreover, you can choose the light-sensing function so that the TV automatically balances the brightness and contrast of the image on the screen, giving you the best viewing experience while still helping the TV to consume reasonable power. . physical.

Turn the TV on and off properly

The habit of turning off the TV properly is also a factor that affects the life of the TV during use. Specifically, you should:

Turn off the TV when not watching, helping to avoid wasting monthly electricity bills.

Minimizing the continuous switching on and off of the TV: This will cause the bulb inside the screen to become hot suddenly, reducing the life of the bulb as well as reducing the ability to reflect electricity, reducing the life of the TV. TV is reduced accordingly.

Use a voltage stabilizer to support the TV’s power supply

Few people think about using voltage stabilizers to support the power supply for the TV when in use. In fact, the power used for TVs is often used for other devices inside the home such as fans, washing machines, or refrigerators.

As a result, the TV may experience a sudden increase or decrease in voltage, causing the screen to flicker abnormally during operation. Therefore, you should choose to use an additional voltage stabilizer to best support the power supply when supplying to the TV!

Clean the TV periodically

Cleaning the TV is different from cleaning the refrigerator and cleaning the air conditioner because it is not too fussy. You only need to use specialized water and a clean cloth to clean the screen as well as the external parts of the TV.

Before cleaning, you should unplug the TV and let the TV cool completely (if new) to ensure safety when cleaning.


So, I have shown you 5 simple ways to use the TV to increase the life of this device. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below this article and I will answer it for you. Good luck!

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