8 Delicious Cooking Secrets To Help You Always Be Confident In the kitchen

The reality is that you don’t necessarily have to go to cooking school to become a better cook. There are a lot of easy things you can do every time you cook for better results. Here are 8 delicious cooking tips compiled from the opinions of many experts in the culinary field, which will help you improve your cooking skills significantly.

8 Delicious Cooking Secrets To Help You Always Be Confident In the kitchen

Prepare all cooking utensils

Preparing all the necessary cooking tools is the first step to creating delicious dishes. Sometimes you can’t finish a dish properly, just because of the lack of tools. Most people need the necessary cooking tools are cutting boards, knives, scissors, pots, pans, etc.

You need to prepare at least 2 cutting boards to separate cooked and raw foods. To make it more convenient, you should have an extra cutting board to cut fruit, avoiding the fruit being contaminated with other food odors such as onions and garlic.

Organize your kitchen space

The neat and clean kitchen space helps you to be less distracted, easily get what you need when cooking, and avoid forgetting to taste the necessary spices for the dish. The cooking space should have enough light so you can see everything clearly.

In addition, you should prepare a trash can so that you can neatly dispose of garbage instead of leaving it indiscriminately and unhygienic. Things like trash cans and dirty bowls should be placed within your reach so that you can remove unused vegetable peels such as onion peels, garlic skins, etc. during pre-processing.

Shopping for reasonable food

You should avoid buying excess or lack of cooking ingredients because this will be difficult to ensure the deliciousness of the dish. In addition, fresh food often brings better taste than food that has been kept in the refrigerator for a long time. This also makes it easier for you to prepare healthier foods.

However, if you do not have time, you need to plan your shopping properly during the week and use up all the available food. You will go to the market much faster if you make a detailed list of what you need to buy at each stall.

Stock up on commonly used condiments

When you are cooking and need a certain spice, but you, unfortunately, run out of the right spice, the dish will hardly taste the right taste. Therefore, to avoid the case that you are cooking and run out of seasoning, you should buy all seasonings such as salt, sugar … and have a separate storage cabinet. Spices such as fish sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder, etc. usually have a long shelf life, so these are the things you should keep at home.

Make use of spices from herbs

Herbal spices such as garlic, pepper, onion, ginger … should be used to add to dishes according to appropriate recipes because they will increase the deliciousness of the dish. You should not ignore these spices when marinating food because they will reduce the taste of food a lot.

Read the recipe carefully before cooking

Reading recipes will familiarize you with the foods you’ll be cooking and help you prepare all the ingredients and ingredients you need. If you read the recipe and cook at the same time, it will easily lead to confusion, sometimes burning the food before adding other ingredients.

Reading the recipe carefully in advance will help you avoid cooking the ingredients in the wrong order, especially not forgetting a certain seasoning or any other necessary things that make your dish less delicious.

Prepare ingredients properly

Preliminary processing of raw materials is the process of cleaning, cutting, marinating, grinding, etc., turning raw materials into semi-finished products to pass through the heat processing stage. Whether it is dried food, fresh vegetables or fruits, animal meat, seafood, etc., it must be carefully processed according to different principles to remove dirt and harmful substances.

Practice cooking often

Before you start making dishes that require a lot of effort, you should start by mastering how to cook a simple dish. Not only will this improve your chances of success, but it will also give you more confidence in your cooking. This is an extremely important factor, you will become better and better at cooking if you practice regularly and gradually learn from each dish.

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