Notes when choosing to buy the best and best quality badminton racket

You are looking and want to choose for yourself a good badminton racket, but do not know what criteria to choose to choose the right racket, suitable for you. Therefore, today we will give you some things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a badminton racket below so that you can easily choose.

Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

As one of the most popular sports, badminton is suitable for both men and women, because it is not too hard, and it is not too difficult to practice. Therefore, when choosing a racquet you need to pay attention to the following criteria.

Choose a racket of the right weight

When choosing to buy badminton what you need to pay attention to is the weight of the badminton racket or in other words the U parameter. This parameter is denoted by the letter U printed on the stamp on the next handle. adjacent to the racquet body. See more articles Yonex Duora 77 Review A Thorough Guide
As a rule, the larger the U-number, the lighter the racket weight. For Asians, the 3U badminton racket (85-89 gr) is a moderate-weight racket, very suitable for beginners to play badminton. If you have strong arms and wrists, you can choose a 2U racket (90-94 gr). Women and children can choose a lighter weight badminton racket of 4U (80-84 gr) or 5U (under 80 gr).

Pay attention to the parameter G (grip of the racquet)

The parameter G, or shaft circumference, is represented by the letter G printed on the stamp along with the weight of the racket.
As a rule, the larger the G number, the smaller the grip circumference. For people with large hands, often use a grip with a circumference of G2, G3, and for the average person, they often use G4, G5.
Usually, athletes use badminton rackets with 3UG4 or 4UG5 parameters.
However, the drawback of this is that it makes it difficult for the player to rotate the racquet, unable to switch from attack to defense.
For a too small racquet grip, it will make your grip more flexible, but it will feel loose and unstable, when hitting the shuttle, there will be less force.
Therefore, you need to choose the grip size and how to wrap the racquet handle to suit your hand size to improve your best playing skills.

The balance point of badminton racket

The balance point is also a consideration while choosing a badminton racket. A specific number that evaluates the weight or lightness of the racquet. In badminton rackets, most consider racquets with bp < 285mm as headlight, from 285-295mm as balanced to slightly head heavy, > 295mm as very head heavy.
The balance of the racket indicates whether the racquet is heavy or light. This is quite important, affecting the style and performance of the game.
Racquets – heavy (heavy head) or offensive (offensive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, deep bridges to the bottom of the court.
Even balance racket: Suitable for beginners or need flexibility when playing singles. See more articles Yonex Duora 33 Reviews 2021
Player racquet – light head or defensive: suitable for blocks, cuts. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

Suitable racket length

When choosing to buy badminton rackets you need to pay attention to the length of the racquet. As a rule, the lowest length of the racquet is 665mm and the longest is 680mm. Depending on the height of the player, you will choose the appropriate length racquet.
There are quite a few racquets marked “long” or “long size”, with a length of about 675 mm. Among the manufacturers, Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets, most Yonex models are 675 mm long, Gosen is a little bit more (678 mm)

Badminton racket grip flexibility

The plasticity of badminton rackets is usually divided into 5 levels:

  • Very flexible: The ball is slick, it is difficult to control the bridge but for the opponent is difficult to guess the direction
  • Flexible: Hit the shuttlecock lightly and skillfully. Suitable for energy-saving and defense-heavy gameplay
  • Medium: This type of craft is average. For good amateur players, this type is very suitable. When choosing to buy this type, pay attention to the weight and balance point to choose the right one for your forte.
  • Hard: Hit the shuttlecock hard. Suitable for young, powerful people.
  • Very hard: Extremely powerful, precise smash. Powerful wrist jerk. This type is suitable for professional athletes.

Choose a badminton racket brand

There are many badminton brands on the market, different brands, each brand, each line of racquets has different structures, features, and prices. Offers different racquet experiences. It’s up to you how you play and what brand you’re a fan of. There will be suitable racquet lines. Famous racquet lines today: Yonex, Lining, Victor, Forza, Protech, Kawasaki, Apacs…


Above are all the ways to choose good and affordable badminton rackets for everyone that we want to share. Hope the above advice is useful and can help you choose the best racquet for you. Hope you choose a racquet that’s right for you!

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