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Yonex badminton racket is always something that is of great interest to you. Yonex racquets have always been improved over the years and different periods. From the famous predecessors such as Yonex Voltric, Yonex Arcsaber, Yonex Nanoray, Yonex Duora. This was followed by upgraded versions of previous racquets, with new racquets such as Astrox, Nanoflare.  Today, I will state my own feelings about a racket that is giving a lot of attention: the Yonex Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket. Let’s get started!

Yonex Nanoflare 800

Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket 800

The racquet belongs to the lightweight racquet line, Nanoflare series, this racquet is an upgraded version from Nanoray.

The racket is designed to be light not only in total weight but also has a tendency to be light in the head, the racquet has a mainly counter-attacking style, the frame is thin, helping to increase the wind speed easily. The racket handle circumference has 2 versions 4U G5,6, 3U G5,6.

Technologies that Yonex uses on racquets

The Razor frame reduces wind resistance from any angle, reducing the racquet head by 13% and the shaft by 15.15% compared to normal thin frame racquets. Ultra Slim Shaft technology enhances aerodynamic mobility.

The core structure of SOLIC FEEL CORE technology, Technology is applied inside the core of the frame, inside the core has a foam layer. This foam layer has the role of reducing harmful vibrations, the main purpose is to help absorb shocks and shocks to the hand when the hand is under pressure from the hard shaft. SOLIC FEEL CORE is applied in all racquets manufactured in Japan.

The Sonic Flare system on the head of the racket is Yonex using high elastic graphite material EX-HMG a new material, compared to conventional materials, the new material supports more repulsion, up to 7.3%. Not only that when using this material, it also enhances stability and elasticity.
TORAYCA(r) M40X: A powerful successor to Yonex, carbon fiber that retains inherent strength but still ensures the elasticity, developed by Toray Industries.

CONTROL SUPER CAP: The racquet cap provides an 88% wider grip surface than conventional racquets, allowing you to adjust the racket flexibly, but it also adds to the aesthetics of the racquet.
The indispensable technology on modern racquets these days is Isometric technology. Bigger sweet spot technology. Limit dead spots on the racquet. The technology was released by Yonex in 1992.

Review Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket 800

As for my personal taste in Caulongonline racquets, it’s actually been quite an enjoyable experience. Because to experience with her, it was something unexpected.

When holding the racquet, the first impression that I see is that the racket is quite light and smaller than the grip I usually use. I realized the racquet has a very thin frame design. What I find familiar is the same 3U version that I usually use.

Since this is an opponent’s racket I don’t know what the net tension is, I’m aiming for the 27-28lbs range. Thanks to such surface tension, when I attack, the racquet seems powerful and quite accurate.
Since I am using the Astrox 100ZZ racket I can feel the difference immediately. The racquet I’m using is more attack-oriented than counter-attacking of the Nanoflare series. So I was quite lost and felt alienated. But I not only felt this strangeness but also felt something else more clearly, the elasticity and speed of my shots both increased.


The Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket is suitable for players with a flexible playing style who prefer attacking players. The shots that the Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket produces are quite accurate, helping to serve you at the highest level.  The racket has a fairly light head, a thin frame that increases the ability to hit the wind. Also quite suitable for players with a quick play style, the tree is also a badminton racket that you should try.

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