Victor DriveX 09 badminton racket – The level of Counterattack, Defense

Victor brand from Taiwan is currently one of the big players in the world of badminton, excels in all badminton-related products, especially their super badminton rackets with exquisite design.

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The economy is also equipped with extremely high-class technologies, always aiming for the best experience for consumers. And a mid-range super product that has just been released in 2021 that players may be interested in is the Victor DriveX 09 Badminton Racket – The level of Reflection, Defense ensures that it fits perfectly in your hand!

Part of Victor’s DriveX Series, which specializes in counter-attacks and pressures with fast handling. Racquets belonging to this series will have a stiff rod with a balance of about 290 – 295 mm, making it easy for players to perform explosive arcs, suitable for use in doubles.

Victor DriveX 09 is a comprehensive defensive racquet, helping players have the precision shots they want. The handle has a moderate stiffness suitable for strong offensive play and all-around netting. Using this racquet regularly, your level will increase significantly.

Based on the principles of mechanics, the Victor DriveX 09 badminton racquet is designed with an ultra-thin Aero Hex (hexagonal) frame to enhance performance against torsion and play stability, while ensuring efficient transmission to get the best out of player power and frame resilience and best badminton racket brands

More specifically, the genuine Victor DriveX 09 badminton racket is designed quite eye-catching with a perfect dark red and black tone to give players a strong feeling, especially for men with intense passion. with sports. In addition, this super product will also have a super modern Gold and Black version!

Victor DriveX 09 high-end badminton racket parameters

  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Racket frame: Graphite + Resin
  • Shaft: Graphite + Resin + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Weight: 3U, 4U
  • Grip circumference: G5
  • Maximum tension: 3U:≤26 lbs(11.5Kg), 4U:≤24 lbs(10.5Kg)
  • Balance point: about 290 – 295mm
  • Color: Dark Red with Black / Dark Yellow with Black
  • Victor DriveX 09 high-end badminton racket made in Taiwan

Integrated technology on Victor DriveX 09  badminton racket

Nano Fortify TR: In conjunction with Japan’s leading carbon fiber manufacturer, Victor has used Nano Fortify TR technology on the Victor DriveX 09 badminton racquet. Nano Fortify TR not only improves elasticity and impact resistance but also allows for better racquet handling and lighter weight than other conventional racquets.

Aero Hex: Utilizes aerodynamic technology to transform the traditional hexagonal frame on the Victor DriveX 09 quality badminton racket with better airflow direction and wind shear performance, further achieving stability. amazing and smoothness of every swing.

SEVEN-SIX 76: Single grommet hole structure creates less friction between chains, which effectively reduces stress loss while prolonging chain life.

Objects suitable for good badminton racket Victor DriveX 09

Victor DriveX 09 genuine badminton racket is suitable for people with average wrist strength with a weight of 4U, a decent wrist with a weight of 3U will promote the full potential that the racket brings.

A balanced racket that combines chopsticks and a stiff racket frame will give you continuous smashes, especially those that are hard to beat at the end of the court. In addition, this is also Victor’s DriveX racquet that specializes in counter-attacks, so its defense is also extremely effective.

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