Victor Thruster K015 badminton racket – Attack at first sight

Victor Thruster K015 badminton racket is a comprehensive line of offensive racquets, but more attack-oriented, helping players get more powerful and accurate smashes.

Victor Thruster K015 is a head-heavy designed racquet with medium stiffness. This helps maximize the ability to smash the bridge for the player when the angle of the bridgehead will be dangerous and the bridge will go more plugged.

Thruster K015 is designed with a racquet color that is as strong as the nature of the racquet. Just looking at the racket, players have been strongly impressed with the hot color – orange. The outside of the racquet is covered with a glossy coating to increase the aesthetics of the racket.

Victor Thruster K015 Badminton Racket Specifications

  • Hardness: Medium
  • Racket Frame: Graphite + Resin + Nano Fortify
  • Shaft: Ultra High Modulus Graphite+Nano Fortify + 7.0 SHAFT.
  • Weight: 3U, 4U
  • Grip circumference: 3U G4, G5;   4U G5
  • Maximum tension: 9-11 kg
  • Color: Orange/Black

Technology applied to Victor Thruster K015. badminton racket

TERS: System to reduce drag, anti-vibration for racquet body. With technology made from engineering materials with a compact structure, it increases the elasticity of the frame by 9%. Meanwhile, frame flexibility is reinforced by 7.4% and resilience is enhanced by 8.8%, allowing for optimized elastic force transmission.

NANO Fortify: A technology to make the racquet frame (the racquet head), using high-strength carbon to make the racket frame 11.6% thinner but still stronger.

PowerBox: Box-shaped design effectively increases stability and anti-torque, and can withstand high rope tension.

CAPAULT STRUCTURE (catapult structure): stores and emits the best energy at a slam for maximum effectiveness creating a catapult-like effect that blasts the opponent with 9.75% bonus force.

SEVEN-SIX76: The structure of gene holes is produced in a single form to reduce the friction between the gene holes, which helps to increase the using time of the gene holes.

NANO-TEC: Evenly distributes nano-sized particles in the spaces between the carbon fiber bundles, which increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composites and reduces frame distortion.

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Hard Cored Technology: Inspired by military helicopter’s multi-layer construction made of carbon fiber and composites, minimizing material size, enhancing handling feel and performance at an important standard.

Objects suitable for Victor Thruster K015 Badminton Racket

Victor Thruster K015 is suitable for people with average wrist strength and suitable for people with a natural way of playing, specializing in smashing pressure.

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