What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic

What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic? Thing you Know.

Bowling is one of the most popular sports today. Players will be able to reduce stress and entertain themselves after stressful daily working sessions. Have you ever been interested in the structure of bowling pins?

The following is the structure of bowling pins for your reference:

What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic?

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What are bowling pins made of?

Often players think that the material that makes up bowling pins is metal, plastic, or some other tough material. But players did not expect that bowling pins are made of wooden materials. However, it will be a wood that has been processed and manufactured to have some special features in it. and it is composed of 2 parts: inside and outside.

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Exterior materials:

The exterior will include 2 main parts, the outer paint layer and the wood material layer inside the paint layer.

The outside paint is used to decorate bowling pins.

It has the added effect of protecting the inner wood layer, so when choosing the paint to be able to paint beautifully for the pins, it must also protect the wood inside and not increase the volume of the bowling pins.

The outer coating process is followed by a high-tech process to ensure the above-mentioned criteria. And make sure to get 7 coats of paint on the outside of the pins.

Inner material:

The main material on the inside of Bowling pins is wood. But this part of the wood is not any ordinary wood. Because if using ordinary wood, will not guarantee the quality, size, and weight of bowling pins. So to choose the right type of wood, people used a new hardwood that is qualified to make bowling pins.

Choosing the right materials and materials is not easy. Manufacturers must find out the origin clearly from the source of wood materials. The origin must be from a place with a high concentration of minerals to create a wood that ensures hardness and high quality.

What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic

Some frequently asked questions of bowling players.

Bowling pins are made of wood or plastic?

As stated above bowling pins are made from hardwood material and manufactured by high-tech machinery. And they can also be made of plastic but only to make toys for children.

How is the inside of the bowling pin?

Players often mistakenly believe that the inside of the bowling pins is empty. But in fact, they were wrong, the inside of the bowling pins is not hollow but is composed of a seamless block and is made of hardwood.

What is the weight of bowling pins?

To be able to balance the gas standing on a flat surface, bowling pins will have an appropriate weight to be suitable for balancing. a bowling pin will weigh about 7kg.

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The above has clearly stated that the structure of bowling pins is wooden for players who do not understand it well and the answer to the question: What are bowling pins made of? To better understand the sport of bowling you can contact us or refer to our other articles for better understanding.

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