What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic? Thing you Know.

Bowling is one of the most popular sports today. Players will be able to reduce stress and entertain themselves after stressful daily working sessions. Have you ever been interested in the structure of bowling pins?

The following is the structure of bowling pins for your reference:

What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic?

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What are bowling pins made of?

Often players think that the material that makes up bowling pins is metal, plastic, or some other tough material. But players did not expect that bowling pins are made of wooden materials. However, it will be a wood that has been processed and manufactured to have some special features in it. and it is composed of 2 parts: inside and outside.

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Exterior materials:

The exterior will include 2 main parts, the outer paint layer and the wood material layer inside the paint layer.

The outside paint is used to decorate bowling pins.

It has the added effect of protecting the inner wood layer, so when choosing the paint to be able to paint beautifully for the pins, it must also protect the wood inside and not increase the volume of the bowling pins.

The outer coating process is followed by a high-tech process to ensure the above-mentioned criteria. And make sure to get 7 coats of paint on the outside of the pins.

Inner material:

The main material on the inside of Bowling pins is wood. But this part of the wood is not any ordinary wood. Because if using ordinary wood, will not guarantee the quality, size, and weight of bowling pins. So to choose the right type of wood, people used a new hardwood that is qualified to make bowling pins.

Choosing the right materials and materials is not easy. Manufacturers must find out the origin clearly from the source of wood materials. The origin must be from a place with a high concentration of minerals to create a wood that ensures hardness and high quality.

What are bowling pins made of wood or plastic

Some frequently asked questions of bowling players.

Bowling pins are made of wood or plastic?

As stated above bowling pins are made from hardwood material and manufactured by high-tech machinery. And they can also be made of plastic but only to make toys for children.

How is the inside of the bowling pin?

Players often mistakenly believe that the inside of the bowling pins is empty. But in fact, they were wrong, the inside of the bowling pins is not hollow but is composed of a seamless block and is made of hardwood.

What is the weight of bowling pins?

To be able to balance the gas standing on a flat surface, bowling pins will have an appropriate weight to be suitable for balancing. a bowling pin will weigh about 7kg.

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The above has clearly stated that the structure of bowling pins is wooden for players who do not understand it well and the answer to the question: What are bowling pins made of? To better understand the sport of bowling you can contact us or refer to our other articles for better understanding.

Kawasaki badminton shoes – Quality makes a brand

Kawasaki badminton shoes is a famous brand with many good quality badminton sports shoes and luxurious designs. Choosing a pair of sports shoes is extremely important for sports that require regular movement. The shoes become even more special for professional and semi-professional badminton players and players. The shoes are likened to a silent hero supporting your feet with flexible movements to help you get closer to victory.

And Kawasaki badminton shoes are the choice of many people, loved by national players even semi-professional players.

The advantages of Kawasaki badminton shoes

Kawasaki shoes are a brand of sports shoes that many people trust. Products are luxuriously designed, diverse in design with youthful and dynamic designs and impressive design details to bring the most comfort to the user’s feet.

Shoes are designed with many diverse and eye-catching designs that can not only highlight the trendy fashion style but also contribute to expressing the individual sports personality of each person. See more: badminton rules and regulations

Most Kawasaki badminton shoes are made from high-quality materials, providing the best quality and durability. The inner edge and upper of the shoe are made of processed rubber material to reduce abrasion on floor contact during missteps. The tight-fitting collar creates a sense of security when moving. The sole has an air cushion to create smoothness during bouncing and moving.

In particular, the color scheme is carefully researched by Kawasaki with a harmonious and professional color combination, with luxurious colors that can be used with all subjects. Very suitable for people with a strong personality.

One of the most outstanding advantages of Kawasaki shoes makes many customers feel extremely satisfied. With the breathable hole design, the shoes are much better at absorbing sweat. Helps wearers feel more confident when taking off their shoes in crowded places without a sweat. Helping the wearer feel more comfortable and confident when playing sports.

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Share the feeling of Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket with badminton brothers

Yonex badminton racket is always something that is of great interest to you. Yonex racquets have always been improved over the years and different periods. From the famous predecessors such as Yonex Voltric, Yonex Arcsaber, Yonex Nanoray, Yonex Duora. This was followed by upgraded versions of previous racquets, with new racquets such as Astrox, Nanoflare.  Today, I will state my own feelings about a racket that is giving a lot of attention: the Yonex Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket. Let’s get started!

Yonex Nanoflare 800

Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket 800

The racquet belongs to the lightweight racquet line, Nanoflare series, this racquet is an upgraded version from Nanoray.

The racket is designed to be light not only in total weight but also has a tendency to be light in the head, the racquet has a mainly counter-attacking style, the frame is thin, helping to increase the wind speed easily. The racket handle circumference has 2 versions 4U G5,6, 3U G5,6.

Technologies that Yonex uses on racquets

The Razor frame reduces wind resistance from any angle, reducing the racquet head by 13% and the shaft by 15.15% compared to normal thin frame racquets. Ultra Slim Shaft technology enhances aerodynamic mobility.

The core structure of SOLIC FEEL CORE technology, Technology is applied inside the core of the frame, inside the core has a foam layer. This foam layer has the role of reducing harmful vibrations, the main purpose is to help absorb shocks and shocks to the hand when the hand is under pressure from the hard shaft. SOLIC FEEL CORE is applied in all racquets manufactured in Japan.

The Sonic Flare system on the head of the racket is Yonex using high elastic graphite material EX-HMG a new material, compared to conventional materials, the new material supports more repulsion, up to 7.3%. Not only that when using this material, it also enhances stability and elasticity.
TORAYCA(r) M40X: A powerful successor to Yonex, carbon fiber that retains inherent strength but still ensures the elasticity, developed by Toray Industries.

CONTROL SUPER CAP: The racquet cap provides an 88% wider grip surface than conventional racquets, allowing you to adjust the racket flexibly, but it also adds to the aesthetics of the racquet.
The indispensable technology on modern racquets these days is Isometric technology. Bigger sweet spot technology. Limit dead spots on the racquet. The technology was released by Yonex in 1992.

Review Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket 800

As for my personal taste in Caulongonline racquets, it’s actually been quite an enjoyable experience. Because to experience with her, it was something unexpected.

When holding the racquet, the first impression that I see is that the racket is quite light and smaller than the grip I usually use. I realized the racquet has a very thin frame design. What I find familiar is the same 3U version that I usually use.

Since this is an opponent’s racket I don’t know what the net tension is, I’m aiming for the 27-28lbs range. Thanks to such surface tension, when I attack, the racquet seems powerful and quite accurate.
Since I am using the Astrox 100ZZ racket I can feel the difference immediately. The racquet I’m using is more attack-oriented than counter-attacking of the Nanoflare series. So I was quite lost and felt alienated. But I not only felt this strangeness but also felt something else more clearly, the elasticity and speed of my shots both increased.


The Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket is suitable for players with a flexible playing style who prefer attacking players. The shots that the Yonex Nanoflare 800 badminton racket produces are quite accurate, helping to serve you at the highest level.  The racket has a fairly light head, a thin frame that increases the ability to hit the wind. Also quite suitable for players with a quick play style, the tree is also a badminton racket that you should try.

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5 Simple ways to use your TV to increase the life of your TV

Most of us, rarely care about the life of the TV compared to the refrigerator and few know how to increase the life of the TV during use. So let me share with you 5 ways to use your TV to increase its inherent lifespan.

5 Simple ways to use your TV to increase the life of your TV

Choose a reasonable TV placement

Proper placement of the TV is very important as it is an electronic device that tends to generate heat during operation. Heat will be radiated to the outside through the slots of the cooling system from inside the TV. Therefore, you should:

Choose a cool and dry location: Avoid making the heat hot when escaping, meeting a humid environment will create conditions for mold and bacteria to grow, affecting the operating capacity of the TV.

Place about 10cm from the wall: With this distance, the heat released from the TV will have enough space to circulate into the air, helping to reduce the temperature that the TV radiates.

Do not leave the TV near the refrigerator: The habit of opening the refrigerator often will cause cold air to escape to the outside. If the TV is placed near the refrigerator, these cold vapors will stick to the TV for a long time, causing mold, damage to the electronic circuits inside, affecting the life of the product.

Adjust the brightness and contrast accordingly

Adjusting the appropriate brightness and contrast on the screen is also one of the ways to help prolong the life of the TV.

If you adjust the brightness and contrast to high, the TV will operate with a large capacity and consume more power. This causes the device to generate a lot of heat and affects the electronic circuits inside.

Therefore, you should adjust the contrast and brightness at a relative level, in accordance with the needs of watching TV. Specifically, today’s televisions are pre-set with many levels of brightness and contrast such as Standard, Vivid, Sports, etc. You just need to choose the model that suits your viewing needs.

Moreover, you can choose the light-sensing function so that the TV automatically balances the brightness and contrast of the image on the screen, giving you the best viewing experience while still helping the TV to consume reasonable power. . physical.

Turn the TV on and off properly

The habit of turning off the TV properly is also a factor that affects the life of the TV during use. Specifically, you should:

Turn off the TV when not watching, helping to avoid wasting monthly electricity bills.

Minimizing the continuous switching on and off of the TV: This will cause the bulb inside the screen to become hot suddenly, reducing the life of the bulb as well as reducing the ability to reflect electricity, reducing the life of the TV. TV is reduced accordingly.

Use a voltage stabilizer to support the TV’s power supply

Few people think about using voltage stabilizers to support the power supply for the TV when in use. In fact, the power used for TVs is often used for other devices inside the home such as fans, washing machines, or refrigerators.

As a result, the TV may experience a sudden increase or decrease in voltage, causing the screen to flicker abnormally during operation. Therefore, you should choose to use an additional voltage stabilizer to best support the power supply when supplying to the TV!

Clean the TV periodically

Cleaning the TV is different from cleaning the refrigerator and cleaning the air conditioner because it is not too fussy. You only need to use specialized water and a clean cloth to clean the screen as well as the external parts of the TV.

Before cleaning, you should unplug the TV and let the TV cool completely (if new) to ensure safety when cleaning.


So, I have shown you 5 simple ways to use the TV to increase the life of this device. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below this article and I will answer it for you. Good luck!

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7 criteria to choose a good badminton racket

Badminton players, everyone wants to buy a good badminton racket. So what are the standards of a good racquet? Today, I will advise you on the must-have standards in a good badminton racket. When choosing to buy a badminton racket, you should keep these 7 things in mind.

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7 Criteria To Choose A Good Badminton Racket

Brand – Badminton racket

First, to choose a good racquet, you should choose a genuine badminton racket, because a genuine racket will be better than a Faker racket when using. It makes it easier for you to orient yourself later.
The second thing is to choose the right brand for you. Since each brand has a different way of producing racquets, the parameters are different. Gives a completely different feeling of use. Depends on which brand the user prefers.

Weight – Badminton racket

The weight of a badminton racket is usually around 80g to 90g, excluding the grip and net weight. Especially for those who are new to badminton, semi-professional, and movement, I encourage you to choose a lightweight racket. It makes it easier for you to control the racket.
The lightweight of the racket also helps you increase your strength and smashing speed. Create a variety of strokes, switch different shots in the fastest way. Not only affects playing errors, but light racquets also help you reduce the burden on your wrists and shoulders, avoiding muscle aches or injuries.

Balance Point – Badminton Racket

The balance of badminton rackets will vary depending on the manufacturer. From these balance positions, badminton rackets will be divided into three types: heavy head bp<295mm, light head bp<285mm, and relatively balanced two-headed type weighing from 285 to 295mm.
Racquets – heavy (heavy head) or offensive (offensive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, deep bridges to the bottom of the court.

Even balance racket: Suitable for beginners or need flexibility when playing singles.

Player racquet – light head or defensive: suitable for blocks, cuts. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

Long time player, has a lot of experience. They often tend to use racquets with large balance points. Attack bias, allowing you to increase the power of each smash, making the smash more powerful. But it also has a few cons like being difficult to control. New players need a lot of practice to overcome it.

Endurance when tuning – Badminton racket

The bearing capacity of the frame when tuning the current highest racquet is 20kg. But usually depending on the user, the tension is different:
Movement players or newbies should use a racket tension from 9 – 10.5kg.

+ Players with a bit of strong hand strength should stretch the racket from 10.5 – 11kg.

+ Professional players or longtime players should stretch the racket > 11kg.

Grip – Badminton racket

Depending on the size of your hand, you can choose the appropriate handle: large, medium, and small. Those who like the feeling of grip, creating a lot of power for the shot should choose a large handle. In general, you should choose the medium type.

Length – badminton racket

The length of each badminton racket is engraved on each racquet body. The length of the badminton racket recommended by the Badminton Federation is 665mm. But in order to develop racquets with an offensive advantage, manufacturers have started to offer racquets with a higher length, but still, comply with the regulation that is more than 680mm.

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Up to this point, there are many brands of racquets that offer “long” or “long size” lines with a length of about 675mm. Manufacturers compete to increase the length, only the badminton racket of Carlton is loyal to the racket size of 665mm.
Yonex brand lines are 675mm long, Gosen is 3mm longer than Yonex. Other brands such as Flower, Astec, ProAce, Caslon, Victor also have increased length racquets for you to choose from.

Use short or long racquets depending on the preferences of each person. But pay attention when buying racquets with a large length for competition, choose to buy another of the same size for backup, to avoid unfamiliar hands.

Shaft – Badminton Racket

The shaft is the last thing when you choose a badminton racket. There are 2 types of shafts that you often use: Graphite and Tungsten

Racquets with hard shafts that are hard to bend are suitable for those who like to attack and have good control.
The racquet has a flexible shaft that is easy to bend, allowing you to hit with a lot of skill. Creates a faster swing shot. Although flexible shaft racquets feel very comfortable to play, they lead to a loss of control and power.


Above are the criteria used to choose a good badminton racket. Hope you will find yourself a good badminton racket!

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Answer the question of badminton has big hands?

Badminton is a popular sport, not only good for health but also suitable for many ages, this subject requires players to constantly move their hands, so when playing like this, when playing badminton Do you have a big hand? Today, I will answer the question of whether badminton has big hands?

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Does playing badminton have big hands?

As everyone knows, badminton is a sport that requires players to constantly exercise a combination of running, jumping, and moving parts of the body to help the body burn excess fat in the buttocks and arms. , shoulder, back, and abdomen.

According to experts, if we play badminton with a lot of intensity and continuously, our arms and legs may become enlarged. In addition, if we practice badminton daily, it will help our body become toned and slimmer.

However, in fact, no matter what sport you play, if you don’t play it properly or play it wrong, it will have the opposite effect, so when playing badminton, if you don’t practice continuously with high intensity, The hand is still enlarged because you practice the wrong technique, posture and play movement, if you are carefully guided on the basic methods and techniques, you will see the excess fat in the biceps disappear and the body much more balanced.

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Benefits of playing badminton

In addition to being good for the body, helping the body become toned and balanced, you only feel the external benefits and do not really know how many benefits this sport has. So what is the effect of playing badminton? Is badminton good? When playing badminton players also have the following benefits:

Losing weight: When playing badminton, the whole body is active, consuming energy, and quickly dissolving excess body fat.

Good for the cardiovascular system: Thanks to regular exercise, promotes circulation, enhances blood pumping efficiency in the circulatory system, so it is very good for the heart.

Sharp eyes, quick hands: While playing the bridge, players need to observe closely to quickly support the bridge, you will see that the reaction speed of the eyes and hands is significantly improved.

Strengthen bones: Regular badminton practice will limit osteoporosis, especially for the elderly, it is essential to choose the right intensity.

Note to play badminton more effectively

Warm-up before training: Before participating in any sport, we also need to warm up thoroughly before playing, after the end of the game, we should also relax our muscles to avoid pain. joints after exercise. Before the match takes place, the player should warm up for about 15-20 minutes and then the two sides serve gently back and forth before starting the official match.


Above is an article to answer the question of whether or not badminton has big hands that I have shared with you, hope the above information will help you equip yourself with the best and appropriate badminton knowledge!

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Notes when choosing to buy the best and best quality badminton racket

You are looking and want to choose for yourself a good badminton racket, but do not know what criteria to choose to choose the right racket, suitable for you. Therefore, today we will give you some things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a badminton racket below so that you can easily choose.

Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

Notes when choosing to buy badminton rackets

As one of the most popular sports, badminton is suitable for both men and women, because it is not too hard, and it is not too difficult to practice. Therefore, when choosing a racquet you need to pay attention to the following criteria.

Choose a racket of the right weight

When choosing to buy badminton what you need to pay attention to is the weight of the badminton racket or in other words the U parameter. This parameter is denoted by the letter U printed on the stamp on the next handle. adjacent to the racquet body. See more articles Yonex Duora 77 Review A Thorough Guide
As a rule, the larger the U-number, the lighter the racket weight. For Asians, the 3U badminton racket (85-89 gr) is a moderate-weight racket, very suitable for beginners to play badminton. If you have strong arms and wrists, you can choose a 2U racket (90-94 gr). Women and children can choose a lighter weight badminton racket of 4U (80-84 gr) or 5U (under 80 gr).

Pay attention to the parameter G (grip of the racquet)

The parameter G, or shaft circumference, is represented by the letter G printed on the stamp along with the weight of the racket.
As a rule, the larger the G number, the smaller the grip circumference. For people with large hands, often use a grip with a circumference of G2, G3, and for the average person, they often use G4, G5.
Usually, athletes use badminton rackets with 3UG4 or 4UG5 parameters.
However, the drawback of this is that it makes it difficult for the player to rotate the racquet, unable to switch from attack to defense.
For a too small racquet grip, it will make your grip more flexible, but it will feel loose and unstable, when hitting the shuttle, there will be less force.
Therefore, you need to choose the grip size and how to wrap the racquet handle to suit your hand size to improve your best playing skills.

The balance point of badminton racket

The balance point is also a consideration while choosing a badminton racket. A specific number that evaluates the weight or lightness of the racquet. In badminton rackets, most consider racquets with bp < 285mm as headlight, from 285-295mm as balanced to slightly head heavy, > 295mm as very head heavy.
The balance of the racket indicates whether the racquet is heavy or light. This is quite important, affecting the style and performance of the game.
Racquets – heavy (heavy head) or offensive (offensive): suitable for smashes, strong hits, deep bridges to the bottom of the court.
Even balance racket: Suitable for beginners or need flexibility when playing singles. See more articles Yonex Duora 33 Reviews 2021
Player racquet – light head or defensive: suitable for blocks, cuts. push the bridge, cut the bridge.

Suitable racket length

When choosing to buy badminton rackets you need to pay attention to the length of the racquet. As a rule, the lowest length of the racquet is 665mm and the longest is 680mm. Depending on the height of the player, you will choose the appropriate length racquet.
There are quite a few racquets marked “long” or “long size”, with a length of about 675 mm. Among the manufacturers, Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets, most Yonex models are 675 mm long, Gosen is a little bit more (678 mm)

Badminton racket grip flexibility

The plasticity of badminton rackets is usually divided into 5 levels:

  • Very flexible: The ball is slick, it is difficult to control the bridge but for the opponent is difficult to guess the direction
  • Flexible: Hit the shuttlecock lightly and skillfully. Suitable for energy-saving and defense-heavy gameplay
  • Medium: This type of craft is average. For good amateur players, this type is very suitable. When choosing to buy this type, pay attention to the weight and balance point to choose the right one for your forte.
  • Hard: Hit the shuttlecock hard. Suitable for young, powerful people.
  • Very hard: Extremely powerful, precise smash. Powerful wrist jerk. This type is suitable for professional athletes.

Choose a badminton racket brand

There are many badminton brands on the market, different brands, each brand, each line of racquets has different structures, features, and prices. Offers different racquet experiences. It’s up to you how you play and what brand you’re a fan of. There will be suitable racquet lines. Famous racquet lines today: Yonex, Lining, Victor, Forza, Protech, Kawasaki, Apacs…


Above are all the ways to choose good and affordable badminton rackets for everyone that we want to share. Hope the above advice is useful and can help you choose the best racquet for you. Hope you choose a racquet that’s right for you!

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Why is Boxing more Popular than MMA?

Boxing has long been the king of sports when it comes to combat sports.

Long before the term combat sport or mixed martial arts was coined, boxing was one of the most watched sports in the world alongside other sports including football, tennis and race. But why is it more popular than MMA even though MMA is a more authentic form of fighting?

Why is Boxing more popular than MMA? The reason is because boxing is a much older and older sport than MMA. It is over 100 years old while MMA is only 30 years old. Boxing spawned talented superstars like Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and others.

When we compared boxing and MMA’s best-selling PPV events from 2002 to 2017, we found that in 13 of those 16 years, more people preferred watching the boxing event than MMA.

Total PPV for all those number one events is 22,740,000 and 12,599,000 for MMA. By those numbers, boxing was almost 2x more popular than MMA than MMA during that time period.

Popularity of Boxing Compared to Popularity of MMA

There are many boxing movies and sports media that constantly refer to boxing along with other mainstream sports, which also attracts more and more fans.

On the other hand, MMA also has superstars. For example, Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, GSP but apart from Conor McGregor and Ronda However, they are not nearly as famous as the best boxers of all time.

Many people take advantage of the popularity of boxing. They opened a shop selling boxing training equipment like Best Floor Stand Punching Bag which sold very well

Currently, MMA is becoming more and more popular and attracts more and more fans as well as fighters. It is mainly due to the superstars that UFC is constantly creating and promoting as well as with new organizations around the world (One Championship, in Southeast Asia, Rizin FF in Japan).

UFC is one of the fastest growing combat sports organizations today. With contracts with major TV channels like FOX and ESPN, UFC is sure to make MMA a mainstream sport in the long run.

MMA is increasingly becoming a popular sport of all ages but is mainly aimed at a young audience. That means it will definitely become more popular than boxing, but when exactly is it unknown?

Possibly the turning point was when the boxing match between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev was postponed by two hours because more people wanted to watch the UFC Diaz vs Masvidal event. The fighters were forced to wait in their locker rooms until the MMA event was over.

Even former president Donald Trump decided to attend UFC rather than attend a boxing match.

That means MMA is more popular than boxing, definitely not, boxing is still more popular. But that was perhaps the beginning of MMA’s journey to becoming the most popular combat sport.

8 Delicious Cooking Secrets To Help You Always Be Confident In the kitchen

The reality is that you don’t necessarily have to go to cooking school to become a better cook. There are a lot of easy things you can do every time you cook for better results. Here are 8 delicious cooking tips compiled from the opinions of many experts in the culinary field, which will help you improve your cooking skills significantly.

8 Delicious Cooking Secrets To Help You Always Be Confident In the kitchen

Prepare all cooking utensils

Preparing all the necessary cooking tools is the first step to creating delicious dishes. Sometimes you can’t finish a dish properly, just because of the lack of tools. Most people need the necessary cooking tools are cutting boards, knives, scissors, pots, pans, etc.

You need to prepare at least 2 cutting boards to separate cooked and raw foods. To make it more convenient, you should have an extra cutting board to cut fruit, avoiding the fruit being contaminated with other food odors such as onions and garlic.

Organize your kitchen space

The neat and clean kitchen space helps you to be less distracted, easily get what you need when cooking, and avoid forgetting to taste the necessary spices for the dish. The cooking space should have enough light so you can see everything clearly.

In addition, you should prepare a trash can so that you can neatly dispose of garbage instead of leaving it indiscriminately and unhygienic. Things like trash cans and dirty bowls should be placed within your reach so that you can remove unused vegetable peels such as onion peels, garlic skins, etc. during pre-processing.

Shopping for reasonable food

You should avoid buying excess or lack of cooking ingredients because this will be difficult to ensure the deliciousness of the dish. In addition, fresh food often brings better taste than food that has been kept in the refrigerator for a long time. This also makes it easier for you to prepare healthier foods.

However, if you do not have time, you need to plan your shopping properly during the week and use up all the available food. You will go to the market much faster if you make a detailed list of what you need to buy at each stall.

Stock up on commonly used condiments

When you are cooking and need a certain spice, but you, unfortunately, run out of the right spice, the dish will hardly taste the right taste. Therefore, to avoid the case that you are cooking and run out of seasoning, you should buy all seasonings such as salt, sugar … and have a separate storage cabinet. Spices such as fish sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, seasoning powder, etc. usually have a long shelf life, so these are the things you should keep at home.

Make use of spices from herbs

Herbal spices such as garlic, pepper, onion, ginger … should be used to add to dishes according to appropriate recipes because they will increase the deliciousness of the dish. You should not ignore these spices when marinating food because they will reduce the taste of food a lot.

Read the recipe carefully before cooking

Reading recipes will familiarize you with the foods you’ll be cooking and help you prepare all the ingredients and ingredients you need. If you read the recipe and cook at the same time, it will easily lead to confusion, sometimes burning the food before adding other ingredients.

Reading the recipe carefully in advance will help you avoid cooking the ingredients in the wrong order, especially not forgetting a certain seasoning or any other necessary things that make your dish less delicious.

Prepare ingredients properly

Preliminary processing of raw materials is the process of cleaning, cutting, marinating, grinding, etc., turning raw materials into semi-finished products to pass through the heat processing stage. Whether it is dried food, fresh vegetables or fruits, animal meat, seafood, etc., it must be carefully processed according to different principles to remove dirt and harmful substances.

Practice cooking often

Before you start making dishes that require a lot of effort, you should start by mastering how to cook a simple dish. Not only will this improve your chances of success, but it will also give you more confidence in your cooking. This is an extremely important factor, you will become better and better at cooking if you practice regularly and gradually learn from each dish.

Plantaincafe – Amazing Cuban Restaurant

Address: 77 E Gay St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

Website: https://plantaincafe.com/

Some good comments about us from Tripadvisor: https://www.restaurantji.com/oh/columbus/plantain-caf-/

Excellent food! Authentic taste, husband and wife team. Super friendly and pleasant environment. Went for dinner after a long day of activities. Empanadas and tostones were very good. My family had pulled pork (would recommend), fried chicken, Frita burger, chicken rice.

Absolutely love this place! Their Cuban sandwich is my favorite. Every time my husband and I have gone here the service has been so good, and everyone is very friendly. It’s not typically busy when we go, so don’t let that steer you away from stopping in. The amount of people does NOT reflect on the food. It’s so worth it. Make sure you stop in and support this friendly business! 10/10 recommendation!

Plaintain Cafè is a slice of home away from home for me. As a Puertorican, this is where I go to not only satisfy homesick cravings with delicious food, but also to enjoy the warmth of the owners and staff who are always oh so kind! The service is excellent and the food is delicious every single time, not to mention authentic and prepared with care and love.

We love it and thank you for all!